The Americanization of Elian

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In Brazil, a teengaer wearing a gold chain is generally one of those
spoilt and vulgar middle-class teenage girls who want to advertise their
family -real or supposed - wealth and that are called _Patricinhas_
(*little Patricias*, a pun with _riquinha_ ["richie"] and the American
middle class name Patricia, "Patty". Until some 20 years ago, by the
way, it was bad form in Brazil to highschool students to advertise their
notional class, and therefore they had to wear uniform while in scholl
premises; with the increazing Americanization of our mores, however,
uniforms were forsaken in favour of self-advertisement. What is most
repulsive, in the case of Elian, is the mixing of two disgusting
practices: spoiling a child + making him into an uncounscious political
loudspeaker. I do not believe in the suitability of the Cuban model as a
guide for future developments of the Left, but the benaviour of the
Cuban mafia in this episode is proof enough - if proof were still needed
- of the disgusting character of the _Ancien Regime_ and its henchmen.
Well, they do what they must do: they are oligarchs defending their
oligarchical notions about the management of a society.

Carlos Rebello

> In the fashion of teenagers, Elián showed up at the meeting on Wednesday
> wearing a gold chain. He has been taught to wear baseball caps, backwards,
> and to use beepers and cell phones. He plays Nintendo games and watches
> video movies.
> Louis Proyect
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