The Americanization of Elian

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Sat Jan 29 15:30:38 MST 2000

Carlos Eduardo Rebello <crebello at> said:


I do not believe in the suitability of the Cuban model as a
> guide for future developments of the Left,

I will start by saying that nothing, not even the mighty Russian
revolution, can be considered a "model", that is anti-marxist in my
view. However, you seem to be taking pains to make a distance between
yourself and the Cuban revolution, and I am curious Carlos, why do you
do that?


 but the benaviour of the
> Cuban mafia in this episode is proof enough - if proof were still
> - of the disgusting character of the _Ancien Regime_ and its henchmen.
> Well, they do what they must do: they are oligarchs defending their
> oligarchical notions about the management of a society.
> Carlos Rebello
> > In the fashion of teenagers, Elián showed up at the meeting on
> > wearing a gold chain. He has been taught to wear baseball caps,
> > and to use beepers and cell phones. He plays Nintendo games and
> > video movies.
> >
> > Louis Proyect
> >
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Macdonald Stainsby

check the "ten point platform" of Tao at:

"`Order rules in Berlin.' You stupid lackeys! Your
`order' is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will rear
ahead once more and announce to your horror amid the brass
of trumpets: `I was, I am, I always will be!'"

-Rosa Luxemburg, 1918.

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