Anti-Clinton Violent Demonstration at Davos

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Sat Jan 29 15:55:18 MST 2000

BBC January 19 2000

Violent protest at  trade summit

A protester hits a downed policeman in Davos

           Hundreds of protesters opposed to
           free trade and globalisation have
           defied a ban on demonstrations in
           the Swiss ski resort of Davos.

           About 500 people - brought in by
           bus from across Switzerland,
           France and Italy - waved banners
           bearing captions such as "Yankee
           Clinton go home".

           They mounted
           their action to
           coincide with
           Clinton's address
           to the annual
           meeting of the
           World Economic
           Forum in Davos.

           As they marched
           up the main
           street, police tried firing warning
           shots and then tear gas, but to no

           Barricades set up along the streets
           were moved as the protesters
           advanced towards the conference


           Windows at a restaurant were
           damaged, and one policeman was
           seen lying in the street,
           apparently injured.

           Security had
           increased for Mr
           Clinton's brief
           visit, with
           hundreds of
           police officers
           throughout the

           The Swiss authorities had imposed
           a ban on demonstrations on
           Saturday and the army was called
           on to help police.

           World trade protesters have a
           range of complaints, but those in
           Davos have expressed similar
           views to the demonstrators who
           disrupted the World Trade
           Organisation meetings in Seattle
           in December.

           They say world trade is
           undemocratic and driven only by a
           desire to maximise profits, at the
           expense of environmental and
           other concerns.

           There are also worries about the
           effects of globalisation on
           developing countries.

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