Anti-Clinton Violent Demonstration at Davos

gdunkel at gdunkel at
Sat Jan 29 20:27:14 MST 2000

Two quick points:

        1) some of the same organizations who organized the protests in
Seattle are organizing for April 16'th meeting of IMF/WB in Washington;
according to the Wash Post, they do NOT expect the size they had in
Seattle because they have much less time to organize for it.  But they
will be there and they will be militant.

        2) According to todays Liberation (Paris), the demonstrators came
from England, France, Germany and Italy as well as Switzerland;
according to CNNfn, they were more militant and determined than the
BBC let's on;

        3) the Financial Times (Jan 28th I believe) make the point that the
people invited to Davos either had to have a personal networth of $1
billion or be a world leader, like Bill Clinton or John Sweeney.

/greg dunkel

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