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The latest issue of the French language journal “Cahiers Leon Trotsky” has
a number of interesting articles.

M. V. Lobanova of Kharkov University writes on Khristian Rakovsky and the
Social Democrats of the Balkans conferences 1909 to 1911. This discusses
the attempts by Rakovsky and others to unite the working classes of the
Balkans against national chauvinism and put forward the call for a Balkan
Federation. Perhaps this is still the key to the Balkan question, a
federation where no national group can dominate and oppress.

Tico Jossipert writes of the first Bulgarian Trotskyist group

Pierre Broue writes on the Bulgarian Trotskyist Gatchev.

Morris Slavin explores the analogy between the Bolsheviks and the Jacobins

Kwane Somburu writes an interesting on the African-Americans in America
from the slave trade on.
This was previously published in the magazine “Socialist Action”

Bread and Liberty is an essay by David Renton on the formation of a small
Egyptian Trotskyist group during WW2 by British soldiers who were members
of the British movement. This is available in a bigger version in the
English language journal Revolutionary History.

>From 1922 a conversation between the Spanish/Catalan revolutionary Maurin
and Trotsky.

Almost worth the pain of learning French.

Available from
Luc Aujame,
477 chemin du Puits,
69210 Fleurieux sur l’Arbresle,
4 Issues 350 FF

Jim Monaghan

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