The relationship of disability to the Brave New World or the Soul of Man Under Socialism

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Sun Jan 30 10:20:04 MST 2000

Title: The relationship of disability to the Brave New World or the Soul of Man Under Socialism

Greetings Comrades,

    I was watching the debate that appears here between Yoshie and others concerning desire on the lbo list.  Here Eric writes:


>Well, probably just dull. Seriously, I didn't think it was necessary to

>qualify the jealousy part. I should have known better. Btw, I notice you

>didn't address the other items on my list, passion, joy, &c. Does that mean

>that I was right--you think they will simply become outmoded concepts? You

>haven't mentioned how those irrational things might disrupt your sensual

>and sexual paradise, with its lasting friendships.


For example where people with disabilities such as mood (feeling) disorders, the imposition of communism demands the resolution of the issue of the every day social issue that disability presents to society.  It is no longer ok for Eric to speak knowlingly about the dullness of anyone having full participation in the society we envision beyond his truncated vision of feelings because he has not a clue of the disability issue underlying his words, as much as the slave owner does not comprehend slavery is bad for the slave.  Because his words represent the barrier to understanding the liberation of feeling itself from the shackles of exploitation.  Every city in the U.S. has thousands of homeless disabled men and women in the most horrible death causing circumstances because the bigotry against feelings is rank and rancid throughout this culture.  It is unimaginable what a state with room for human feeling could be like in this society which throws people on the street because their mind does not produce feeling in a suitable exploitable narrow path to profit.

I cannot believe that Eric has has considered what is meant by passion, joy, &c as feeling in a material sense that feeling disability makes manifest.  They are just words to this writer.  They do not convey what it means to be in manic state of mind, and cannot know other people are incapable of feeling that and that mania is beyond what "normality prescribes", or religious ectasies due to epilepsy producing epiphanies every week beyond what the pope could imagine, or a thousand manifestations of feeling that capitalism is prepared to cut off and muffle, and disparage as unsuitable or what have you.  Eric probably has no grounding in the material reality of what happens to real feeling in this state, where the first level and most deep level of hell in this state is reserved, and publicly placed at the feet of every city dweller every day.  The STREET.  That is what communism would finally and definitely end with no return to Eric's conception of the dullness of a communist state.  That is that mood disability and all that lead up to oppressing people because of their particular state of feelings is finally and definitely ended in order to end class relations and provide each according to their need.

That every schizophrenic now driven to menial labor if they can, will have friendship, companionship, shelter and happiness as well as work that means something for them and to them.  That every woman beaten by an ogre in supposed loving relationship has love to turn to in her life and especially in the sense that Yoshie writes of creating from A to Z what a relationship of freindship ought to be.  That every child enshrouded in depression because they have no touch no caring, will receive their just portion of love and nurturing, and there cannot be a return to the current state of affairs again in order to make profits sustain due to misery.

in solidarity with the magnificent words of Yoshie Furuhashi

Doyle Saylor

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