Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sun Jan 30 13:52:31 MST 2000

Jim Monaghan wrote:

> Drugs are a major problem especially in poor areas of the cities where
> drug addicts make the lives of their fellow residents hell in the crimes
> necessary to feed their drug habits.

This distorts the structure of the drug business. Those billions in
*at the source* (Colombia, etc) after subtracting for profits and costs
all along the way do *not* come from crack users in the central cities.
They come from selling drugs to the relatively wealthy *outside* the
central cities. About 40% of the outside money that flows into black
ghettoes in the u.s. comes from the drug traffic. (This is 40% of the
money that goes to local restaurants, groceries, barbershops, etc. etc.)
Before the rise of state lotteries, 40% of the outside money that
flowed into the central cities came from the sale of numbers tickets.
The sale of drugs to other residents of the ghettoes is a relatively
insignificant part of the overall drug business. I am told by a man who
has been researching this for over 10 years that in the more crime-
ridden parts of the central cities the safest places are immediately
in front of the bars, groceries, etc. where drug sales are made to
white customers from outside the ghetto -- businessmen don't scare
away their customers.


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