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Sun Jan 30 19:17:32 MST 2000

--- Jim Monaghan <jbm7 at tutor.open.ac.uk> wrote:

> Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist. In Britain a
> debate rages on his admission to fight in a boxing
> match. On one side are those such as Darcus Howe and
> Living Marxism who regard the Feminist and others
> outrage as basically racist and in Howe’s case
> regards Tyson as a fit hero for Black youth.

        Tyson is an indefensible fellow; nevertheless, I
wouldn't discount out of hand the notion that the
current outcry against him might have something to do
with racism.  After all, does anyone on this list
believe that if we were talking about a white rapist
(or at least a non-Serbian white rapist) the furor
would be comparable to what it currently is?  I don't
think you'll see the anti-Tyson crowd recommending a
boycott of the works of Arthur Koestler any time soon,
for example....

        John Lacny
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