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Mon Jan 31 11:48:18 MST 2000

British Judge Upholds Government's
          Decision to Release Pinochet

          By WARREN HOGE

               LONDON, Jan. 31 -- A British judge issued a ruling today
               supporting the government's decision to release Gen. Augusto
          Pinochet from house arrest and to let him return home to Chile.

In Homage to Pinochet and the Judges who freed him, I submit the following
 "Millennium", by Joel Kohut.
They have lined you up against a wall, God
They have forced you to dig a bottomless pit, God
They have raped your wives, God
They have taken your son and beat his head against a
brick post, God

They have pulled out your fingernails, God
They have applied electrodes to your penis, God
and to the nipples of your mother
Where the pain is more than pain, God
They have ravished your daughter, God
They have dragged your grandfather by his beard through
the streets
They have burned your Grandmother's hair, God
Thyt have buried your books of the law, God
They have killed, God
They have killed you, God

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