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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #391
                              February 2, 2000

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Support the Pilbara workers!

BHP's efforts to get rid of collective bargaining and employ its entire
Pilbara work force on individual contracts poses a major threat to all
workers in Australia. The Pilbara unionists fighting to stop this attack
need our solidarity.



 * Support the Pilbara workers!
 * DSP solidarity statement
 * We can beat the ``Big Bully''
 * Campaigns to win with
 * How do we beat individual contracts?
 * Solidarity statement from Indonesian workers
 * Join the solidarity actions in your city


 * Behind the Confederate Flag controversy
 * Apartheid minister backs ANC
 * Russia's MiG resists marketeers
 * Tamils call for international solidarity
 * Will Indonesia's generals get away with murder?
 * The Basque Country after the cease-fire
 * Indian electricity workers strike
 * Pakistani workers express solidarity
 * International news briefs
 * Mauritius government outlaws dissent
 * Ecuador's new president promises more of the same


 * Being John Malkovich: Manipulation in Wonderland
 * Marx through the keyhole
 * DIY musical insurgents!
 * Korean workers' courageous struggle
 * Inspiring stories of courage in Guatemala
 * Black 47: Our day will come!
 * Short story: The retirement home at the end of the world


 * Deporting refugees: the human toll
 * A `fair go'?
 * Reverse education funding cuts!
 * Murdoch's racist hype
 * Iraqi refugee speaks
 * Resistance supports BHP workers


 * Police raids on One Nation condemned
 * ALP winds back the clock on land rights
 * A campaign for an open door for all Timorese
 * Another wetland threatened
 * NSW forests to get the sack
 * Darwin solidarity group joins ASIET
 * ACI extends lockout
 * `Invasion Day' marked around Australia
 * Adelaide lord mayor defects to ALP
 * Candidate to campaign for prostitution law reform
 * Will NSW public servants be conned?
 * Labor's coastguard to keep out refugees
 * Seventy-three people deported to China
 * Mater Hospital staff rally against privatisation
 * Action updates
 * Anyone (Nation) left?
 * ALP challenged in Woodridge by-election
 * Massive job cuts to hit South Australia
 * National Textiles: `No wreath from Reith'


 * Resistance as a strategy for sustainability
 * Gambling health: don't bet on it
 * Advance Australia -- not
 * Wall Street chumps lose out to chimp
 * `Pink capitalism' can't avoid the rules
 * Pangea goes global
 * Networker:Incompetence as virtue


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