Tasks for a youth programme

Alan Bradley alanb at SPAMelf.brisnet.org.au
Mon Jan 31 18:31:14 MST 2000

Hi Owen,
Perhaps you could have a look at the webpage of Resistance, or send them an
email.  I'm not quite sure of their address, but there will be a link to
their page at the DSP site:

The DSP probably has some stuff on the question from the perspective of how
the "adult" organisation should relate to the youth outfit.

Resistance, of course, is the largest socialist youth organisation in

Alan Bradley
alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au

From: Owen Jones

         I am involved in drawing up a youth programme for the
Left within the Labour party. Though this is in the context of Britain, the
situation of youth is very similar in all capitalist societies. Here I've
begun by outlining briefly some of the aspects of the situation of working
class youth today in Britain on which a programme can be based on; perhaps
comrades could aid by adding to or altering information here; or suggesting
ideas for a youth programme for the workers' movement.

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