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January 31, 2000

European Union Threatens to Cut Political Ties With Austria


LISBON, Portugal -- The European Union will break off political contacts
with any future Austrian government that includes the far-right Freedom
Party, the EU president warned today.

"Governments of 14 member states will not promote or accept any bilateral
official contacts at political level with an Austrian government" that
includes the Freedom Party, said a statement issued in Lisbon.

The governments of the other 14 EU states will not back Austrian candidates
for posts in international organizations. Austrian ambassadors in EU
capitals also "will only be received at a technical level," said a tough
statement issued by Portugal, which holds the EU presidency, on behalf of
the other member states.

The unprecedented statement pledged to politically isolate Austria within
the EU if a new Austrian government is formed with populist Joerg Haider's
Freedom Party. The party is in coalition talks with the Austrian People's
Party following inconclusive elections held in October.

The prospect of Haider influencing Austrian policy has brought fierce
criticism from EU leaders because of his statements in opposition to EU
expansion and remarks sympathetic to aspects of the Nazi regime. . .


The Jerusalem Post, January 20, 1993, Wednesday

For many people, the question of whether the American government helped
conceal Kurt Waldheim's involvement in Nazi war crimes is no longer

The former Austrian president and UN secretary-general is now 74 and out of
public office.

But at least one man still wants answers.

Robert Herzstein, who teaches history at the University of South Carolina,
is campaigning to make public official US documents about Waldheim's
relationship with US government agencies.

Herzstein spoke to jurists, historians and Nazi hunters at a symposium on
"Policy towards Nazi War Criminals" at Haifa University earlier this month.

The 51-year-old professor said in an interview that Waldheim enjoyed the
protection of certain US agencies.

Herzstein wants to discover why and to what extent US authorities protected

He also is trying to determine why they went so far as to falsify
Waldheim's wartime record, eliminating the fact that he served in the
German Wehrmacht.

"I can't say that he was an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, but
from 1950 to the 1970s he was an asset to the CIA," Herzstein contended. . .

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