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> Yes, and the most tragic is that, since the Brazilian government has
> made neoliberal adjustment programs the backbone of its own domestic
> policy, it *cannot* speak openly against the Argentinian policies;

Well, this is the main asset of imperialists here as well as there,
that utter idiocy (in the best case) and open betrayal of their own
countries (as a general rule) are the basic moral contexture of our
political elites. I would  however give some warm comfort to Carlos
and other Brazilians: you do not have an idea of how lucky you are
that you still have a muscular bourgeoisie! I am following the
Brazilian situation with some closeness, and from time to time I find
myself moaning "Oh, if this would have happened in Argentina!"

> BTW, the convergence of the Argentinian quasi-collapse and of the
> growing radicalization of public opinion in Brazil against FHC ...point
> to the need for closer contacts between national
> workers' movements in LA around a common programme of struggle, which
> shall be the main task ahead for all of us LA laft-wingers...

If there is somebody convinced of that on this list, is Julio
Fernández Baraibar. Julio, in fact, tries to get some of these ideas
into the mind of guys like Moyano. Not an easy thing to do, however.

A common programme of struggle by the national workers' movements is,
however, just a part of what we must do. I am convinced that whatever
links in depth we can establish between our peoples, particularly
Brazil and Argentina, will be an extraordinary step ahead.

By the way, Carlos, I intend to visit Porto Alegre or (hopefully)
Floripa on July next. Could we meet?

> Carlos Rebello

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