Fw: Abu Nasr on the PFLP/De la Rua

Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Thu Jun 1 13:57:17 MDT 2000

Well put, Nestor.
(Eight or nine years ago I wrote a paper about the history of Israeli
terrorism in the context of Beigin and Shamir refusing to negotiate with
the PLO because they were terrorists, i.e., the self-righteous pot
calling the kettle evil black.  I concluded that the only possible way
to peace for the people in the region was via socialism.)
However: I await the day when some anarcho-Zionist (?!) claims Israel is
an Autonomous Zone :)

The question of property ownership glares almost blindingly from
Palestine, and from the Oil Kingdoms of the Gulf, as well as from our
expropriated hemisphere in the Occident.  Posed in another way the
question concerns control of the real world, that is: should it continue
to be by the few & for the few or should there not be some fundamental
improvement that benefits us all?  We would be naïve to believe that
such betterment can be brought about under conditions controlled by
those who control the conditions (e.g., as conjectured by social
democrats). And that includes phony, bourgeois borders...

The reports from Plaza de Mayo are thrilling indeed!  I can see the
masses in my mind’s eye, the pamphleteers, the city’s cupolas like a
backdrop to an Eisenstein, with palm trees.  De la Rua swanning off to
Germany for a Democratic SOCIALIST conference?  He is like a Kerensky
socialist: good intentions perhaps, initially maybe, maybe not, but it
does not matter because he cannot disengage from the forced alliances
(alianzas –too ironic) with international capital.  For all his postures
and empathetic tears, he is above the people = and has provided the
perfect opportunity for all to see that very important display.  (This
is part of what I meant by the tactical room to manoeuvre provided by
Lagos ---IF it can be exploited properly before they call the dogs.)
Social democracy is ultimately helpless in this situation.

Power to you and your cdes.,
And to the Marxists of Palestine.
En solid.,
Chris Brady

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