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>There must be a lot more interesting to read about the subject and also
discussions about the two books above. Can anyone on the list give me tips
about where I can find some?  Perhaps there has been discussion on this
subject on the Marxist list earlier? Does anyone on the list have an
opinion on these (or other similar) books?
>Gunnar Kreku
>Bus driver
>Stockholm, Sweden

Paul Cockshott is an old cyber-friend of mine--sort of. He used to
participate regularly on these lists but got fed up with the flaming that
went on before we finally closed the door on the madmen. I have written 2
longish pieces that address the Cockshott-Cottrill thesis. One originally
appeared in cy.Rev, a journal launched by Carl Davidson, an SDS leader in
the 1960s who now is heavily involved with computers and social change. The
other piece deals with what I call neo-Utopian socialism and sort of draws
back from what I consider a certain "blueprint" tendency among people like
Mike Albert and Cockshott-Cottrill. (I still have a strong affinity for
many of Cockshott's ideas, but believe that revolutionary societies have to
rely on pragmatism mixed with Marxism.) The 2 articles are at:

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