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Fri Jun 2 06:41:45 MDT 2000

>Those of us who have no such needs must transcend the progressive
>promise.  It can only be broken. We must opt for increasing the
>consideration of the socialist principle by promoting the Socialist
>candidate.  It is a decisive moment.  Even Leninists (what else have we
>got?  as you proceed, you can introduce some history of the NDP in
>Canada to illustrate why just any leftish third party is not the be-all
>and end-all of our quest for a new party of the people.)  For the time
>being, McReynolds is the one.
>Chris Brady

Actually, I am working on a series of posts dealing with the Nader
candidacy. It will look into his career, based largely on the eye-opening
book "Me and Ralph" written by David Sanford of the New Republic, where
Nader was a significant presence in the 1960s. This was before the magazine
made a right turn. For example, James Ridgeway was on the staff and Sanford
is no neoliberal. Then, I will try to explain some of the history of the
Greens, both in Europe and the United States. Finally, I will examine the
question of how socialists view participation in bourgeois elections, and
whether a vote for Nader is principled or not, leaving aside the question
of whether it will advance the class struggle. By way of explanation on
this, the SWP will be running a presidential candidate--as it always
does--but this will not advance the class struggle.

Louis Proyect

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