Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Jun 2 08:03:24 MDT 2000

Chris Brady wrote:

> How do we influence the lesser evil?  By showing we are serious about
> our standards.  And if not now, when?  The Democrats have now gone way
> too far in compromise with the right in their own party and in trying to
> steal votes from the Republicans.   We can only force the Democrats to
> compromise with us by abandoning them to set up and support candidates
> that actually stand for policies that we prefer.  The Democrats in
> jeopardy will face the fact that they finally must look to the left and
> to labor again if they want to stay in the locus of power.

It really can be argued that the Republicans are the lesser evil -- I
think a comparison of the actual events of the Reagan & Clinton
administrations would bear this out. The military buildup under Reagan
was actually only a continuation of a policy begun under Carter, it was
Carter who opened the way for a Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Carter
began the process of deregulation. Clinton, not Regan or Bush, destroyed
welfare, and he came far too close to destroying Social Securtiy. Gore
might succeed in that, while with Bush in the White House Democrats
in Congress will be forced to pretend more vigorously to be what
the Democrats have always only pretended to be. As to Supreme
Court justices, consider Breenan (Republican appointed) and
White (Democrat appointed).

And a final point. There is a really large pool out there of left liberals
who are potential real leftists -- and to reach them we have to first
really destroy the Democratic Party.


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