The voice of capital declares war against "information

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Jun 2 11:24:15 MDT 2000

Debordagoria wrote:

> --- Carrol Cox <cbcox at> wrote:
> >... marxists working with teachers or
> > inside teachers'
> > unions need to work hard to disabuse as many as
> > possible of the
> > "Progressive Education Fallacy" -- the belief that
> > teachers by the way
> > they teach or by what they teach can "change the
> > world."
> Would not the many comrades who are disciples of
> Paolo Freire take issue with this?

It is a near rape of Freire to try to transfer his practices to an
ordinary schoolroom inside a u.s. public school or university.
Freire's practices only make sense within a culture of active
resistance. And the whole point of my post was to look forward
to a time when mass radicalization had given a large radical
mass within the teaching profession the base within which
Freire's (or similar) practices made sense. It is simply a copout
for an isolated teacher in the u.s. now to pretend to be a
follower of Freire. It's like thinking you could lower the water
level of Lake Superior by bailing it out with a teaspoon.


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