The socialism we want

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Fri Jun 2 13:23:15 MDT 2000

"Sometimes an 'ism' can kill you." Malcolm X.

Socialism IS being built every day, from Cuba to Lebanon, by everyone who
fights imperialism and moves the working class one step closer to power,
whether in the name of Allah or Marx or Marti.

No blueprint in the world is going to make the left grow unless it's
accompanied by concrete action, and given the weakness of the left right
now that means participating in every struggle, even if its led by
political or religious forces who don't share our views.Once you start
writing off organizations because you don't like point X in their program,
where do you stop? I like Hezbollah a hell off a lot more than the German
Greens, to say nothing of the US Democrats or the British Labour Party.

I've never met anyone in my life who (outside of a few
intellectuals)"converted" to Marxism by reading the Communist Manifesto or
some other classic radical literature. Some of us on this list were led to
Communism by the heroism of the Vietnamese people, others by the Black
Panthers and still others by the guerrilla wars in Central America. That is
what will inspire a new generation of fighters: victories.
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>From: Gunnar Kreku <gunnar.kreku at>
>> I have thought a long time that socialists should be much clearer about
>how the >socialist society would look like. With what kind of institutions
>can the working >people govern themselves? And how can the market system be
>replaced by planning? >Most socialist organisations today have too general
>answers to questions like these. >They concentrate on criticizing capitalism
>and say that it is impossible to make a >blueprint of the coming socialism.
>And they add that Marx did not say much on the >subject. But after what
>happened in USSR, China, etc., I think it is necessary for all >socialists
>to have a lot to say about what kind of socialism they want.

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