Michael Hoover hoov at
Fri Jun 2 14:36:23 MDT 2000

> Chris Brady wrote:
> > How do we influence the lesser evil?  By showing we are serious about
> > our standards.  And if not now, when?  The Democrats have now gone way
> > too far in compromise with the right in their own party and in trying to
> > steal votes from the Republicans.   We can only force the Democrats to
> > compromise with us by abandoning them to set up and support candidates
> > that actually stand for policies that we prefer.  The Democrats in
> > jeopardy will face the fact that they finally must look to the left and
> > to labor again if they want to stay in the locus of power.
> It really can be argued that the Republicans are the lesser evil -- I
> think a comparison of the actual events of the Reagan & Clinton
> administrations would bear this out.
> There is a really large pool out there of left liberals
> who are potential real leftists -- and to reach them we have to first
> really destroy the Democratic Party.
> Carrol

How about evil of two lessers?

'Leftish' crackpot realist (to borrow C. Wright Mills juicy phrase)
acceptance of terrain of US politics is acceptance of 'populist
system of elite reconciliation.'  'Populist' because it utilizes
'mobilization' of public opinion & electoral voting blocs in
deciding upon which ruling class interests/policies will be favored.
'Elite reconciliation' because ruling class conflicts do exist, but
they are narrow and ruling class works them out on their own terms.

Political elite 'mobilization' of 'the people' occurs, more often
than not, through subterfuge & manipulation.  Whatever competition
occurs in attempts to appeal to 'masses' serves ruling class
interests first and foremost and such interests *cannot* be
surrogates for working class interests.  This does not preclude
possibility of 'reform' so that New Deal-type programs could be
adopted to save capitalism while staving off social revolution
*and* provide some public assistance while offering modicum of
social justice.  And while New Deal/Great Society policies were
also responses to social movements from below, recent decades
attest that 'capitalism with humane face' is by no means permanent.
Michael Hoover

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