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Here's an academic conference for those so inclined who have access to the US
north east.

revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

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Location: Connecticut, United States
Call for Papers Date: 2000-09-01

On 2-3 February 2001, International Security Studies at Yale University
will host a conference on imperialism since 1500 directed towards young
scholars and focusing on new approaches in the field developed over the
last decade. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, the conference
will address topics such as: imperial defense; science and technology; the
balance sheet of empire; medicine and disease; intelligence and
information; imperial geography; religion and theology; trading diaspora;
ideologies of empire; green imperialism; and gentlemanly capitalism.

All prospective panelists are required to submit by September 1, 2000 a
1,000 word abstract summarizing their thesis and supporting evidence, a
curriculum vita, and the e-mail address of the author or, for panel
proposals, a designated contact person.  Proposal submissions may be made
electronically in IBM/MSW format.  Panel proposals consisting of a
commentator and three participants, who must come from at least two
institutions, are welcome  Graduate students who have passed their exams
and junior faculty who have received their doctorate since 1999 are
particularly encouraged to submit.

Authors of accepted papers must provide a paper copy of their submission by
December 2, 2000.  Papers are not to exceed ten pages in length (excluding
footnotes).  ISS will reimburse reasonable expenses for presenters who
travel by train from within the north-east corridor, and pay for up to two
nights of shared hotel accommodation in New Haven.

Contact information:
Ms. Rose Pawlikowski
International Security Studies
Yale University
P.O. Box 208353
New Haven, CT 06520-8353

Phone: (203) 432-6242
Fax: (203) 432-6250
Email:  rose.pawlikowski at yale.edu

Call for Papers website:

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