jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Fri Jun 2 19:29:58 MDT 2000

>>  Finally, I will examine the
question of how socialists view participation in bourgeois elections, and
whether a vote for Nader is principled or not, leaving aside the question
of whether it will advance the class struggle. <<

I look forward to this post by Lou. The latest report I heard had both the
Teamsters and UAW still not backing Gore. Of course, Hoffa might go with
Bush, but evidently it is not yet ruled out that the UAW might endorse

 Then the question I have is this. Would a big Nader vote, backed by the
UAW, accelerate a break with the Democrats for labor?

  I don't consider the "threat" of electing a Republican a problem. I would
prefer a Bush with significantly less than half the vote in office to eight
more years of the Clintonesque Gore. Think of the turmoil and the
subsequent possibilities!

Jon Flanders

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