What is Peronism?

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Sun Jun 4 04:17:11 MDT 2000

I agree with Nestor in his considerations about the article of Cochran and
about the fine sense of Lou sending this article. It is rich and interesting
to know that the thoughts and struggles of a little group of revolutionary
marxists in Argentina 1945, Frente Obrero (Worker Front), was not an
isolated intent. Cochran, beyond some questions of detail, took a correct
strategic position, which expression is not very different of how the
original group that will become Izquierda Nacional understood the rising of
Speaking about it I remember a conversation with Jorge Abelardo Ramos in,
perhaps, 1974 (my God, I can speak on twenty six years ago, what happened
during this time?). He spoke about an american delegate of the Fourth
International whose name I can't remember just now (another sign of that
this twenty six years have not passed in vain) who was in Argentina in 1945
working as journalist for Fortune-Time. Ramos remembered that this man had
written in a report to the 4th a very good interpretation on October 17 of
1945, an interpretation that doesn't differ of the our one. Had this man
something relation with Cochran's group? I don't know but it could be
interesting to search about it.

Julio FB

> American Socialist, February 1958
> A Review Article: What is Peronism?
> by Bert Cochran

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