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el 4 Jun 00, a las 7:37, Julio Fernández Baraibar dijo:

> To the Plaza de Mayo footing and without uniform
> More than three thousand militates, among them low rank officials and
> subofficials, assisted to the march convoked by thew central of the
> disident workers, in May Square, last wednesday. With a difference
> with their antecessors, who used march to the Square in tanks, the gun
> men left this time their unities for participating of the protest in
> the ambit of the institutions and in rigorous civil clothes....

I want to stress the importance of this information (thank you,
Julio, I woke up lazy this morning and did not search _Clarin_
properly). The journalist her/himself points to the central side of
this thing. Some time ago, I was commenting with comrades that
Argentina may face a June 4th again (June 4th, 1943 was the date when
the military gave a final cut to the Infamous Decade, and which
opened the way for the creation of Peronism two or three years
later), but this time it would be preceded (not followed) by October
17th (the massive "muscle flexing" demonstration at May Square, in
1945, which brought Perón out of prison and paved the way for the
elections in February, 1946 that took him to the Presidency).

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that this bold
forecast is beginning to take root. The only fear is that this common
guy cannot have been the only one to remember this, and that the
powerful interests that will loom against us must be thinking the
same right now.

The second piece of news, on a teacher who is the wife to the
Commander of Gendarmería, points to an essential weakness of the
repressive system in the Inland Provinces, which is that the local
commanders are part and parcel of the middle class that is now under
aggresion by the establishment. I have always believed (and I would
like some sociologist to study this) that the Anglo-Argentinian
families decided, after the 1955 coup, to marry their daughters to
some military officers in order to ensure their future in the new
country that was to be created. There are many examples, the most
obvious being perhaps María Eugenia Green de Onganía (wife to a
stupid autocrat who had not been able to pass through his Elementary
School adequately and seems to have had to run through Fourth Year
twice), and Raquel Hartridge de Videla (no comments necessary).  This
politics of convenient marriages was abandoned after the 1976 coup,
so that we are now having officers whose wives are common middle
class. I know of a young mathematician in the INDEC who is married to
a captain of the Army. The guy earns less money than me (which is
really hard), and the girl is a progressive one. Unthinkable?  Only
if you are a sectarian anti-militarist.

I do not want to be overenthusiastic, but Argentina is changing. And,
just as with Plato's Republic, any change will move her out of the
current state of perfection in cruelty. One can hardly imagine a more
cruel country than this one today.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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