Fw: [WW] FARC Web server shut down by UC-San Diego

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Sun Jun 4 14:40:31 MDT 2000

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Subject: [WW] FARC Web server shut down by UC-San Diego

The Burn web-server based at the University of California at San Diego
has been shut down as the result of a campaign by right-wing Colombians.
The Burn server hosted the web site of the FARC, the major left-wing
guerrilla organization in Colombia. It also hosted web sites dedicated
to the Zapatistas in Mexico, a variety of other revolutionary groups
around the world, and a number of progressive/radical groups in the U.S.
that would otherwise not have a presence in cyberspace. It is a vital
resource for many activists and organizers.

A statement from BURN! had this to say:

"BURN! has survived many attempts at censorship since we came online in
March 1993.  About 2 weeks ago, the Colombian Right began an organized
campaign to get the UCSD communication department to shut us down.
They have succeeded for now, as the chair of the department, Carol Padden,
has ordered our machine disconnected.

"We believe she can be influenced (obviously!!) and we are asking for
letters and phone calls to the chair of the department, Carol Padden, to
express dismay at her willingness to aid attempts to censor dissenting
voices, and pointing out the value to academics and others of the web
pages and mailing lists on burn. If BURN is to survive, we need to be
twice as loud as the Right!!"

Please take a minute to drop a note or make a call to the head of the
UCSD Communications Department and request that they reverse this

Carol Padden, Chair
Department of Communication,
0503 UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093
phone: (858) 534-2843
e-mail: cpadden at weber.ucsd.edu


I'm very concerned about your decision to shut down the BURN!
web-server. It is my understanding that you have submitted to the
demands of right-wing Colombians who disagree with some of the
material hosted on burn.

No media source should submit to that kind of censorship, but
especially an academic institution. Many University of Minnesota
students rely on resources, like those on the Burn server, to access
information about the social conflicts in Colombia, Mexico, and

Specifically, the site that Burn hosted for the FARC (Colombian
guerrilla organization), should not be kept off the web because of
pressure from those who oppose them. The FARC is recognized by
most nations in the world as a legitimate "belligerent force,"
meaning they have a legitimate political claim and the right to have
diplomatic relations with the world, on par with organizations like
South Africa's African National Congress under apartheid.

Moreover, the FARC is a significant force that is shaping the history
of Colombia, and Sout h America. Students of Latin America,
political science, peace studies and related areas will benefit greatly
from access to information directly from the FARC about their plans
for Colombia, and, for example, the peace process there.

I urge you to act QUICKLY to put the BURN server back on-line.

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