Trotsky and post WW2 boom was re Peronism

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jun 4 20:04:41 MDT 2000

Lou and Carlos have written very interestingly about this.  For my thesis I
did a study of the period and it is very interesting to read the Communist
Party papers.  The Stalin aligned parties also expected a depression
following the war certainly the CPA did.  Moreover they would have been
correct but for the discovery of war Keynesianism or the 'permanent arms
economy' from 1947 onwards. this economy required the Cold War of course
and Truman delivered that.  the rest is history as they say.

But what we need to be wary of is contemporary versions of catastrophism,
of both an economic and an ecological nature. Again Lou has written about
this. We simply have to act as if we have time. to do otherwise is to put
the movement back in to the hands of fanatics and marginal types, would be
imitation Lenins or Trotskys.



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