castro offers doc training

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Sun Jun 4 21:49:40 MDT 2000

Cuba has a very similarf program for Haiti -- I think it involves some 120
Haitians studying in Cuba and 800 Cuban doctors working in the poor
areas of Haiti.

The Cubvans have a good reputation for living in the communities they

According to the ads I saw for the examination for the program in some
Haitian newspapers, the program was NOT open to students who lived in
Port-au-Prince and Petionville (the wealthiest area of Haiti) and students
had to agree to spend 5 years working in rural/provincial areas.

Cuba also gave Haiti a few million dollars worth of breeding fish to
improve protein available to rural areas.

There is much more to say, but not enough time to put it together.

On 4 Jun 00, at 11:23, Les Schaffer wrote:

>       Castro Offers Americans Medical Training
>       HAVANA (AP) -- Cuba is ready to give free medical training to
> low-income Americans who could then return to the United States and
> provide treatment to the poor and underserved, Fidel Castro said
> today during a meeting with members of the Congressional Black
> Caucus. Castro offered the training after Democrat Rep. Bennie
> Thompson told him that parts of his Mississippi Delta congressional
> district has an infant mortality rate second in the United States
> only to Washington D.C. ``It would be hard for your government to
> oppose such a program,'' Castro said.

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