L-I: Public sector uninons are preparing for strike in Germany

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMGMX.NET
Mon Jun 5 00:54:48 MDT 2000

Public sector union members in Germany have started to vote on strike
action. If the subsequent strike will be lead decisive, he could well have
an effect like a general strike, because most of the local public transport
might be stopped, bringing the whole economy to standstill.


Some background from the FAZ. They just launched an English language website

Union War Chest

F.A.Z. FRANKFURT. Germany's public sector unions ÖTV and DAG are prepared to
strike for more than 2 weeks in their unresolved pay dispute with employers,
senior union officials told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Sunday.
While Interior Minister Otto Schily, of the Social Democratic Party, warned
that larger pay increases could not be financed, public sector union heads
threatened to boycott the Alliance for Jobs between the government, unions
and employers.

Public sector unions are due to vote on Monday on whether to initiate strike
action, but few ÖTV and DAG members doubt that the respective majority votes
of 75 percent and 70 percent can be achieved to approve industrial action.
"I think we are strong enough to still gain something from this," ÖTV's head
of the Bochum district, Hartmut Limbeck, told this newspaper. "Our coffers
are filled. We managed to stage the 1992 strike pretty well," he added.

Union members in eastern Germany were firmly in favor of strike action,
according to ÖTV's head in Berlin, Susanne Stumpenhusen. "The organization
wants to get back a feeling of itself and of its power," she said. Employees
were prepared for the risk of a failed strike, but "whoever does not fight
has already lost," she said. Ms. Stumpenhusen did not believe the position
of ÖTV Chairman Herbert Mai was jeopardized after he recommended that
members accept the arbitration ruling.
June 4th

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