[PEN-L:19869] Re: The Nader campaign, part 1

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at SPAMyahoo.com
Mon Jun 5 11:15:26 MDT 2000

> (Posted to pen-l by Mark Jones)
> I thought then and I
> think now that it is all an
> utter distraction from what really matters; it is
> based on the crassest kind
> of self-seeking, privatising solipsism which boils
> great social/historical
> issues down to what's in it for me qua passive
> selfish consumer.

Organizing consumers (that is, everyone) to demand
from Capital safe products and accurate info is based
on selfishness, solipsism, and passivity?

> What really
> mattered then and now for is not car safety but
> less cars and more public
> transport. What Nader did is help legitimise the
> care and ensures its social
> apotheosis to its current iconic status.

Demanding that auto manufacturers be forced to produce
cars that don't blow up was really so retrograde???

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