[PEN-L:19869] Re: The Nader campaign, part 1

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Mon Jun 5 11:39:05 MDT 2000

Debordagoria wrote:

> Organizing consumers (that is, everyone) to demand
> from Capital safe products and accurate info is based
> on selfishness, solipsism, and passivity?

I won't enter into the discussion of whether this kind of organizing
"is based on selfishness, solipsism, and passivity," but it is certainly
kind of organizing with very limited (and ultimately negative) results.
The phrase "consumers (that is, everyone) is precisely the weakness
of it as an approach. It has the same negative consequences as such
other "universal" categories as taxpayer, citizen, parents. One can
see these negative consequences even in respect to such essential
categories of political organizing as sexuality, gender, and "race."
Organizing in these sectors of the population has as one of its main
difficulties that the consituency to be organized cuts across class
lines. But those struggles are of  immense importance in and of
themselves. But this is not the case with struggles appealing to
consumers or parents.


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