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Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Mon Jun 5 12:24:46 MDT 2000

Will there be fraud in the Mexican presidential election this July 2?

Yes, most certainly there will be.      But the answer to what appears
to be a simple question, is actually quite complex.       And another
simple question is this...... Why has no one in the US even asked this
question about fraud in Mexico"s elections?

But here is where the question of fraud is quite complicated.       What
constitutes fraud?      And just who is responsible for it?

The Mexican population has grown accustomed to the traditional old style
fraud of the PRI dictatorship.      We know the image......false ballots
marked PRI all dumped into an unguarded box.       Beer and handouts
given to those that vote "right".       Etc., etc.

But the biggest fraud pulled off in the past Mexican elections of all
types is never commented on in the US press.    And almost never in the
Mexican press as well.     This is the fraud of representing the Mexican
government as being The Guarantor that the fraud has been pulled off

Who is The Guarantor of the fraud then?      Why... it is none other
than Uncle Sam himself.      This is because the US government has the
legitimacy that the PRI doesn't have internationally, or within Mexico
itself.       The US government HAS certified that the process of fraud
is legit in the past.      And it is the Notary Public that will certify
the "outcome" this July 2 as legit as well.

Now then we come to the actual reason that a thick narcotic hangs over
Mexican and US observance of this election.     Almost all political
forces in both countries have grown so accustomed to the US government/
Mexican PRI dictatorship alliance that has been fortified so strongly
through previous decades, that they are sleep walking towards a new

This new reality is that the US government has, even more importantly,
built up a strong political allance with a Mexican economic elite, that
has wanted to jettison the PRI political bureaucracy for years.      In
fact, the Mexcan corporate elite have done this in a gradual process of
alliance with the Catholic Church, the US elite, and also with certain
cooperative elements within the PRI political bureaucray itself.

Year 2000 is when the US will no longer certify the PRI as winner of
fraudulent elections, but will rather certify PAN as winner of
fraudulent elections.

Elections are essentially fraudulent if the Guarantor of legtimacy is a
foreign country.      If Brazil's government was the guarantor of
Argentinian national elections, would these elections be non-fraudulent?
I rather think not.

Year 2000 is when the PRI dictatorship will shed it's old skin, and then
reemerge as the "loyal opposition".       Ernesto Zedillo is key to this
maneuver.      In fact, he will be visitting Washington DC this week to
discuss with Clinton, the World Bank, and Alan Greenspan.... his
willingness to go ahead with this process.      What goodies lie ahead
for this Great Man for carrying out his part of The Deal?

The other key figures of this grand pretense of democracy in Mexico,
are Vicente Fox and the official fall guy for the PRI, Labastida.
These show elections could not be run without the political ballet of
these two.       Labastida is ready to play the role of The Gracious
Loser on the international stage.      It must be done well, or Mexico
could head off into chaos.

The role of Fox is yet more comical!     He is the New Nationalist
Leader!      We can bet that the International Press will strongly play
up well this angle.      A guy Made in the US; a campaign Made in the
US; and yet a New Mexican Leader, one not afraid to stand up to the US
on "key" issues!

We can one day hope that Broadway presents this drama as a
musical......ala Eva Peron.      Or maybe it will just be a cheap movie
made by Disney?       Coming to our screens this summer.

Another key actor, chosen for Starr Appeal, will be William Jefferson
Clinton.      Look for a John Wayne style performance!       It just
goes to show how America has declined since Wayne walked tall!

The "labor President" Clinton,  will leave behind his legacy of
constructing and passing NAFTA, and building the gateway to The New
Mexico Democracy.

So forces have been set into gear on both sides of The Border.... for A
New World Order.

.................................Tony Abdo

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