From David McReynolds

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Jun 5 12:25:44 MDT 2000

This is in support of both Louis and Chris. First, Louis, it is apalling if,
in an organization calling for sacrifice, anyone is living higher on the
ladder. (It is always possible that Jack  and Alice were in those seats
because some friend had given them the tickets - but your basis point is very

Second, in a place such as the Catholic Worker where poverty is the "rule of
the game", I think it fair to accept that rule. I can't. My studio apt. on
Manhattan's lower east side, where I've lived for forty years, is luxury to
me and thank God I've got it!

Or as the late Quentin Crisp said when someone asked him why he lived in a
shabby one room on East Third Street, "Well, how many rooms can I live in at
one time?"

Each of us has different needs (perceived or real). Mine are cameras and
compact discs. It is terribly wrong for a movement to leave people feeling
that poverty is essential to our being radical!!! Nothing is too good for the
working class. And every person in the movement should have enough income
that they can afford to give some away.

Enforced poverty is impossible for many of us, including me. I don't preach
it and I don't practice it. Butter instead of margarine!

David McReynolds

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