Global Alliances Client: Governor Vicente Fox

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Mon Jun 5 14:49:12 MDT 2000

I'm not one to fall in love with conspiracy theories.        But when
conspiracies are so secret, yet so open;  we should call them for what
they are.       Here's a conspiracy used as a sales promotion!     But
don't everybody just rush down to the store!

First, check out the entire site at Global Alliances.    They have many
other clients.  Some are listed, while others are not.     Are you in
the same class to be a customer?

It seems that  that cowboy, Vicente Fox, only came to the rescue with
the help of our hero, Global Alliances.      It started around 1997,
there roundabouts.

It's obvious that this conspiracy reaches up into the upper echelons of
2 governments and 4 political parties.     Yet somehow our Free Press
has missed all this?!

Please write if you want to place a bet on PRI "winning" this year.

................................Tony Abdo

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