[PEN-L:19869] Re: The Nader campaign, part 1

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Mon Jun 5 18:19:16 MDT 2000

> Demanding that auto manufacturers be forced to produce
> cars that don't blow up was really so retrograde???

I have to agree here. It seems the little bit of ultra leftism in Lou has
reared. Of course we have to abolish the car, but to make sure that
consumers know that corporations don't give a rats ass about safety is
something that is a rude awakening for many...

Although it was "before my time", I recall from study that there was a great
backlash against Nader for it. I tend to agree with a different post by Mark
Jones on this: He's ten times better than the tweedledum Tweedledee
Demopublican contest, but he isn't anything to do with us. Go Nader, but
don't ask me for help.


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