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Mon Jun 5 22:50:27 MDT 2000

Nestor knows that I agree absolutely.
In Argentina, but not only in Argentina, because in Sweden was in the same
way, there is a kind of christian, evangelical attitude in relation with
this question about clothes, and this clothes aspect is only the visible
part of the iceberg. We call it "salvationism" and IMHO it is the way how
young people of middle class, an external, superficial way, try to go down
to the workers. Have you seen this very known portrait of Marx, that is the
wall paper of my computer, in a very bourgeois suit, sitting in a very fine
chair, and with a monocle!, something that he never used (I don't know today
if a such adminicle was useful for something). This is the picture of Marx I
like. This tailor criteria is, at least, stupid or in the best way childish.
I like a good coat, a nice tie and, of course, a tasteful, sophisticated
perfume. More than this, I fight for that this conquers of the human genre
can be possible for all my people who wants them. And I am convinced that
this is the desire of the opressed.
Of course, I am not speaking about the necessary sacrifices we have to do
when the politic struggle requires them. I am speaking about that the
revolutionaries cannot be something apart of the rest of the mortals, but
the most advanced expression of the desires of the mortals.

Julio FB

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> el 5 Jun 00, a las 19:15, Macdonald Stainsby dijo:
> >
> > Ahh, yes. My biggest pet peeve. As a result of this sectarian,
> > anti-revolutionary crap, I almost gave up on the entire revolutionary
> > movement. Take a good look at the way most radicals dress in North
> > America: Who can look the poorest, most worker (therefore most
> > oppressed!!!) wins. I got tired of this, and felt made uneasy by some.
> > The very idea of liking music or movies is, at best, petty bourgeois,
> > to some of these minded "radicals".
> [snipping more excellent stuff of the same quality]
> Yes, this is what I call "Salvationism", both because of the
> Salvation Army at whose shops those clothes can be bought, and
> because of the idea that the more wretched you are, then the more
> worthy you can be, and you will be a Saviour yourself..
> This stupid cast of mind, truly petty bourgeois, who can CHOOSE to
> "go down to the masses" in the same Russian Populists did, has little
> to do with revolutionary activity. What is more, if carried to its
> ultimate conclusion, it ends up with individualistic terrorism. One
> of the strong trends behind the Montoneros / ERP phenomenon in
> Argentina was this kind of ideology.
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
> gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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