Mark's environmentsal panic attack

Mark Jones jones118 at
Tue Jun 6 09:52:16 MDT 2000

Jose wrote:

>> My political concern is that I have often found among a large layers of
environmentalists attitudes like, "We can't be concerned with combating
capitalism, we have to save the planet!" And this often gets combined with
diatribes against the social and economic development of the third world,
even though it is the U.S., Western Europe and Japan, the imperialist
countries, that are responsible for the problems.<<

This is true, and worse, the EF! people, zero-population growthers and
carrying-capacity folks have a tendency to deploy sociobiology and a slew of
racist and antihuman ideas and policies. But so what? That has to be
combated by clearly showing the inner logic which connects up capital
accumulation with ecocide, anthropogenic climate change etc.

environmemtal crisis. It can only be solved by dealing with the forces which
created it in the first place. The latest Hadley Climate Centre report,
which I've posted from, clearly shows that there is going to be a great
difference between what happens if the Kyoto limits are observed and CO2
emissions are held down, and what will happen to Earth is, as is certain to
be the case under capitalism, all the fossil carbon that can be burnt IS
burnt.  This is a real, live issue, probably the issue of issues. We face
decades of turmoil as energy shock and oil shortages produce widespread
immiseration: Jose's remarks about what worries people in Sub-Saharn Africa
(AIDs not climate change) are well taken. (Altho the problems of drought in
sub-Saharan Africa, like in the Punjab and ion China, ARE aggravated by
climate change, this we know). But somehow we have to get people's eyes off
their own immediate problems and onto larger and wider perspectives, and
once again this can only happen if issues of personal and social security
are addressed, and that cannot happen under capitalism, when the stresses of
recession, energy-cries etc push the system in the opposite direction,
towards war, mass unemployment etc. All this shows the living, vital
importance, centrality and meaning of the socialist project to the lives of
multimillioned masses and even to the fate of the planet. If not us, then
who? If not now, then when?

Mark Jones

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