[Nader and Race]

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Tue Jun 6 10:02:11 MDT 2000

Abu Nasr wrote:

>  Although the "rainbow
> coalition" or at least the individuals and groups that were parts of it "kept
> in touch" for a while, over time this all peetered out.

This is true of the '88 version of the coalition too. Had political activity
developed anytime through about 1995 we might have been able to
pull that coalition together around renewed activity -- but "petered out"
pretty exactly describes the situation now. Without an energizing
center it is hard to keep even personal relationships alive except

As I implied in my original post, Jackson had severe defects always,
and he certainly began a return to the Democratic mainstream. But
the Rainbow had huge potential (as I don't think the Greens, with or
without Nader, do) simply because Jackson was black. It forced
its adherents to make race a central concern of the struggle. And
the empirical record is overwhelming: progressive movements in the
U.S. that don't confront racism quite directly do worse than peter
out; they never go anyplace to begin with.


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