Re.: Mexican Elections

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue Jun 6 13:00:07 MDT 2000

The term that comes to my mind after reading Tony Abdo’s critique of
the July 2 Mexican presidential election is that the whole extravaganza
is as much an elaborate farce as a pathetic fraud.
The transnational ruling class thinks things go better with Fox
(pronounced “fucks” because that’s what he’s going to do to la nacion).
The acronymic name of his anti-working class party is ironic, too:
PAN (Spanish for bread; i.e., bread: Yanqui slang for money.).
Basically, PAN operates like an pressure valve for capitalist politics:
A lot of noise and hot air at a time of crisis.
The capitalist robber barons want to keep their engine of profit intact.

But trouble with the engine diverts attention from danger on the tracks…

Chris "choo-choo" Brady

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