Jesse Jackson: Car Salesman

Julio Pino jpino at
Tue Jun 6 13:20:36 MDT 2000

JJ: From" I represent the downtrodden, the despised , the dammned" to "see
the USA in you Chevrolet."

Jackson: GM Needs Black Customers

          WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) -- The Rev. Jesse Jackson says General
          Motors Corp. would improve its business if it had more black
          and executives.

          ``Inclusion leads to growth,'' Jackson told investors Tuesday at
          annual meeting for shareholders. ``There are simply underserved
          in America.''

          Jackson, whose Rainbow/PUSH coalition owns shares of GM, said
          there were strong business arguments for GM to become more
          He said that GM could add sales if it did a better job of selling
in           urban
          areas, noting that Washington, D.C. had about 600,000 residents
but           no
          GM dealerships.

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