was Re: China Prepares to Use Force on Taiwan

Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Tue Jun 6 13:58:52 MDT 2000

 "I cannot
>with" the Chinese state (and its thuggish leaders) as
>it prepares to invade Taiwan.  Do any others here feel
>the same?"
>Michael Davidson

No Marxist can feel this way. Taiwan is a creature of US imperialism,
ripped from China and used by the United States as an "aircraft-carrier" to
threaten not only the PRC but Viet Nam and the Democratic People's Republic
of Korea.The KMT regime on Taiwan regime was established in 1949 through
the mass murder of tens of thousands of leftists and the indigenous
Taiwanese.That regime has played the role of rogue-for-hire in world
affairs, doing dirty work for the US from Central America to South Africa
(before Mandela).The new government is the same horse, different cart.

The liberation of Taiwan and its reincorporation with the mainland would
strike a tremendous blow to the pro-market forces inside the CCP and give
Chinese workers(and others around the world) hope in the future of
socialism.The continuation of capitalist rule on Taiwan is not only a
violation of Chinese sovereignty but an invitation to the imperialists to
carve up the rest of China, starting with the reactionary "Free Tibet"

Defending China and the other workers states is the most important task
(and test)for leftists of this generation.
Julio Cesar

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