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Abu Nasr abu-nasr at SPAMusa.net
Tue Jun 6 16:02:42 MDT 2000

It follows from your post that there are no leftists at all in the Arab world
-- since you condemn everyone from the PFLP to Yasir Arafat as "Nazis,"
calling the PFLP-GC "terrorists" to boot.  You make it clear that in your book
fighting imperialism is a matter of indifference -- ("Khumayni did it but who
cares?").  Thus in your view, the most progressive thing that can happen to
the region is for it to remain under Zionist domination since this is the
inevitable result of an orientation such as yours that opposes the entire
gamut of genuine anti-imperialist forces in the region.

Since Lenin effectively exposed and denounced Eduard Bernstein about a century
ago, there is no need for me to waste any time duplicating his efforts.

Abu Nasr

Sam Pawlett <rsp at uniserve.com> wrote:

Abu Nasr wrote:

> Leftists around the world must cheer "Hizb Allah's" victories because in
> reality they are not victories for Hizb Allah, but the victories of
> of many orientations who for 22 years fought this battle.

No, victory to Hizb Allah is no victory for the left. This is a group
whose avowed aim is to return to the 7th century. The leader of a
fraternal organization ,Islamic Jihad in Egypt, has stated that "women
should only leave the home 3 times in their life, when they're born,
when they're married and when they die." The idea that HIzb will form a
popular fron type gov't runs counter to their ideology.As Paul F noted,
these are the
same arguments put forth by leftists and anti-imperialists who supported
the Iranian Rev i.e. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." The left and
anyone interested in human betterment should be wary of all groups for
whom the ends *always* justify the means. Don't forget it was Hizb that
carried out the kidnapping of journalists (including some very good
ones who documented the atrocities of the IDF occupation and were
sympathetic to the resistance) and left wing priests in Lebanon. It was
the PFLP-GC that carried
out the Pan 103-Lockerbie bombing. The PFLP-GC and the PFLP have long
collorabated with Nazis. So has Arafat. These are abhorrent acts that
must be
condemned in no uncertain terms. Khomeini was anti-imperialist too.
Should the left support him? Absolutely not. Secular and left wing
Iranians *hate* Khomeini and his movement.

   It is the case that Hizb lead a coalition that expelled the IDF. But
Hizb has all the guns and will be able to enforce their will and
hegemony that way, something they have no qualms about as they showed
during the Lebanese civil war. The Lebanese left and the Palestinians
were useful tools that can now be discarded. This is what happened in
the Iranian rev when Tudeh and Khalq (communist parties) fought with the
Khomeini people and
then afterwards were executed in the tens of thousands for being
"infidels", "hypocrites" and "unIslamic".

  This huge step has now been
> taken.  The Lebanese have kicked the Zionists out. Now the field has more
> less been cleared for the next stage of the struggle.

Yes, a struggle that will no doubt take place between Hizb and the
secular left
forces, the same  situation as in Afghanistan after the Soviets left.
The outcome may not pretty. The Taliban publicly castrated Najibullah
the last Communist leader of Afghanistan after he bent over backwards
trying to form a national reconciliation gov't with the fundamentalists.
The fates of the tens of thousands of Afghani leftists and secularists
was in many cases even worse.

Sam Pawlett

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