was Re: China Prepares to Use Force on Taiwan

ÁÎ×Ó¹â Henry C.K.Liu ¹ù¤l¥ú hliu at SPAMmindspring.com
Tue Jun 6 16:07:01 MDT 2000

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Julio Pino wrote:
> > Defending China and the other workers states is the most important task
> > (and test)for leftists of this generation.
> Workers states? What sort of independent political, economic and cultural
> power to ordinary Chinese workers exercise in contemporary China, pray
> tell? Can they form their own parties, publish their own books, formulate
> their own ideology, and create their own autonomous trade unions to claw
> back the surplus-value Nike is squeezing out of them? Sorry to disappoint,
> but I'm no neoliberal, just a Marxist with a bad habit of looking at what
> class elites of whatever political stripe do to their citizens, as opposed
> to what they *say* they're doing.
> -- Dennis

You may think you are no neo-liberal, but you are taking the neo-liberal line.
  The Communist Party is the worker's party, not just in China, but
everywhere.  Workers who want to from their own party, develop their own
ideology are just unwitting agents of bourgeois liberalism.
It is not surprising that the Western liberal left and the extreme right are
of one voice in wishing the demise of all communist parties, particularly
those that still possess political power. This is because they know that no
matter how temporarily lost a communist party may get, as long as it controls
government, it will eventually find its way again.  Julio is right on mark.
We must break the stage of seige against world communism. The way to do that
is to support all communist governments, despite their transitional
imperfections. Communist parties can afford to shed their garrsion state
mentality when the crusade against communism is abandoned by the West.  You,
Dennis, appear to want to save workers from communism more than you want to
help them.


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