Islamic Resistance

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Tue Jun 6 16:13:24 MDT 2000

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Subject: Islamic Resistance

The PFLP-GC and the PFLP have long
> collorabated with Nazis. So has Arafat. These are abhorrent acts that
> must be
> condemned in no uncertain terms.
> Sam Pawlett

I would like to see some evidence to back up this statement.
Certainly, various "Third-Positionist" groups have tried cuddling up to
Palestinian revolutionaries in order to further their own anti-semitic
agenda. But I have seen no evidence to suggest such approaches were ever
reciprocated. I am not saying they never were, but I would like to see proof
rather than just heresay.
(And if they ever were it must have been on the basis of causing trouble for
the US and European imperialist backers of Isreal rather than ideological
affinity with fascism (which is what they were/are fighting))


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