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Tue Jun 6 16:57:43 MDT 2000

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>         BTW, if anyone has some recommendations for good introductory texts
> to marxism/socialism that might penetrate the fogginess of some
> enviro-thinking, I'd love to check them out.

I'm not sure about the viability of the concept of "introductory texts." When
I myself was moving into Marxism I found most useful works that showed
their authors actively confronting what they considered major challenges
for Marxism or inside Marxism. Such works do differ on how much they
presuppose  as to the reader's knowledge, but neither would any meet
the ordinary sense of being "an introduction." The following works seem
to me useful early in a person's engagement with Marxism and socialist

Ellen Meiksins Wood, *The Retreat from Class: a new true socialism*
____________, *Democracy against Capitalism*
Raymond Williams, *Key Words*
Karl Marx, *Wages, Price and Profit*
Mao, *A Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan*
Sebastiano Timpanaro, *Reflections on Materialism*
Barbara Jeanne Fields, *Slavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground:
        Maryland during the Nineteenth Century*
Stephanie Coontz, *The Public Origins of Private Life*
Yoshie Furuhashi, Collected posts in the archives of the marxism,
        lbo, pen-l and m-fem lists.


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