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Green Left Weekly,
 Issue #408
June 7, 2000

Australia's radical newspaper

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an environmental
and left perspective.


Half a million people marching across Sydney Harbour Bridge on May 28 opened more
opportunities to beat back the Howard government's
racism. GLW talks to five Aboriginal activists about the next steps in the anti-racism


Reconciliation march allows for `radical' demands: Reynolds
Bridge walk `must be built upon'


CHAD\CAMEROON: World Bank's pipeline to disaster
CHINA: How much is left of the planned economy?


FIJI: West threatens split
FIJI: Pacific Journalism Online shut-down
FIJI: `A great deal has been lost'
FIJI: Democratic Socialists support sanctions
Protests demand action on Fiji by Australian government
SIERRA LEONE: John Pilger -- The bobby is back on the beat
UNITED STATES: Cuban-born INS official framed
UNITED STATES: Elian's return home a step closer
ZIMBABWE: MDC faces enormous odds to defeat Mugabe
SOUTH AFRICA: Costa Gazi -- ANC blocks treatment for HIV patients
SOUTH AFRICA: Outrage at student's death
PERU: Boycott, protests during elections
International news briefs -- Argentina; Puerto Rico
US/BRITAIN: Developments in International Socialists' debate list
CHILE: Pinochet loses immunity
HAITI: Elections end political limbo
PAKISTAN: Labour movement leader arrested
UNITED STATES: Appeal from a militant unionist
UNITED STATES: Training Indonesian terrorists in `anti-terrorism'
SOUTH KOREA: General strike to resist attacks
WEST PAPUA: Overwhelming support for independence
UNITED STATES: Racism and the wealth gap
SRI LANKA: Government crackdown meets opposition
PHILIPPINES: Rejecting `peace of the graveyard'


Country Labor: a new direction?
Technological parenthood: secrets and lies
Campaigning against homophobia
Dale McKinley: It's time to be offensive


Police withdraw charge against Aboriginal academic
Members First result shows desire for an alternative
NSW teachers win
Labor rejects maternity leave demands
New roster angers wharfies
WA minister claims Aboriginal people safer in jail
Tasmanians demand a GE-free zone
Anti-nuke cycle to raise awareness
Thousands more march for reconciliation
Teach-in provides motives for September protests
S11 Alliance forms in Adelaide
Police stop students entering campus
Toxic time bomb in suburban Perth
Jarrahdale residents fight sand mine
Students to converge to save the environment
Groups come together
Student occupation comes out fighting
Meeting debates abortion reform
Brisbane Resistance Centre launched
Cuban women to tour Australia


Hymns for revolutionary combat
The wolf's teeth
Mosh with a message
Links magazine: Internationalism in the new century
Waterfront conflict staged
Tales of workplace violence


Networker: What's in a name?
Looking Out: Unlawful searches
Loose cannons
and ain't i a woman?: Lesbians, conception and the law
Life of Riley: Who's a naughty boy?
Editorial: Support the right to organise
Write on
Chris Kelly cartoon
Jay Bee's cartoon

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