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Jay Moore research at
Tue Jun 6 20:27:59 MDT 2000

Dear Jay,

I am the  webmaster of Roskommuna (  ),
a Russian site which hosts the web pages of several working class
organizations from the former
Soviet Union:

1.  The Alliance of Workers' Labor Unions "Defense of Labor" (the only
militant labor union led by Marxists) at

(published partly in English)

2. Workers' Gazette (published by the Kirov Committee of the Union of
Marxists) at

3.  Social-Political Alliance "The Worker"  at

4.  The All-Russian Campaign in Defense of the Labor Code (published in
four languages) at (English version)

5.  The Labor Movement of Kazakhstan "Solidarity"  at  (partly in

(This last one is presently  under attack by the regime of Nazarbaev and
has to work in semi-legal conditions.
This web page is virtually their only link to the world now.  All
information on this page had to be first
smuggled out to Russia).

Could you kindly list these sites in your Directory under countries of
Russia and Kazakhstan.

Also you may be interested to know that some of the links in the Russian
section are dead.

They are: Antifascist Russia and Agrarian Party of Russia (this last one
anyway cannot be called left or progressive
by any stretch of imagination).

In solidarity,
Vladimir Bilenkin

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