Islamic Resistance

Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Tue Jun 6 21:13:25 MDT 2000

> The PFLP-GC and the PFLP have long
> > collorabated with Nazis. So has Arafat. ...
> I would like to see some evidence to back up this statement.
> regards,
> James.

James,  I have seen that asserted to an extent in a biography on Arafat
titled _Arafat: In the Eye of the Beholder_.  I do not recall the author
nor the publisher right now, and I left the book at the school where I

In the book Arafat is cited as explaining that he and many Palestinians
in Egypt and elsewhere in N. Africa sided with the Germans in WW II
because they were fighting the British occuppiers of the Middle East.
Further, that they fell into a pattern whereby if the British said it it
must be suspect, but if the enemies of the British --and ergo their own
"friends"-- said it it could be trusted, so they spent evenings defying
the British by listening to German propaganda, which avoided mention of
the atrocities that the German military and police were committing but
did result in an unthinking, almost instinctive, antipathy and distrust
toward Jews.   It did not help assuage Palestinian's feelings then, when
the Brits and the Zionists brought in thousands of European settlers,
who were Jewish to boot, to take over and settle the homeland which
Palestinian Arabs had been fighting for since the days of the Ottoman

- Juan

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