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Jonathan Lassen jjlassen at SPAMmail.sysnet.net.tw
Tue Jun 6 23:43:01 MDT 2000

Dear Julio,

Actually, no one involved is talking about the liberation of Taiwan. China
revised its constitution in 1982 explicitly taking out the phrase "we must
liberate Taiwan," but leaving in phrases about unification with the motherland.
The posters of "Liberate Taiwan!" were replaced about the same time with
posters calling on people to "Learn From Taiwan!"

> The liberation of Taiwan and its reincorporation with the mainland would
> strike a tremendous blow to the pro-market forces inside the CCP and give
> Chinese workers(and others around the world) hope in the future of
> socialism.The continuation of capitalist rule on Taiwan is not only a
> violation of Chinese sovereignty but an invitation to the imperialists to
> carve up the rest of China, starting with the reactionary "Free Tibet"
> movement.

Capitalist rule would continue on Taiwan regardless of what China does, by
China's own admission. If Taiwan were reincorporated, it would be under the
"one country, two systems" scheme whereby Hong Kong and Macao retroceded to
China. Virtually everything would remain the same, and Taiwan could even keep
its own army and _large_ repressive apparatus, although I assume that US arms
sales would stop. As Deng described the system, "You do your capitalism, we do
our [market socialism with Chinese characteristics], and ne'er do our two
streams meet."

Also, the return of Hong Kong and Macao didn't ruffle a feather of the
"pro-market forces inside the CCP," and I doubt that Taiwan's incorporation
would either.

The twin rivers of socialist China and capitalist Taiwan have been quite
profligate over the past decade, however. (did you hear about the recent US$6
billion wafer plant joint venture involving the son of Jiang Zemin and the son
of Taiwan's premier monopoly capitalist Wang Yongqing?) China is now Taiwan's
#2 export market, and set to overtake the US to claim the #1 spot either this
year or next, and Taiwan is one of China's top foreign investors.

> ripped from China and used by the United States as an "aircraft-carrier" to
> threaten not only the PRC but Viet Nam and the Democratic People's Republic
> of Korea.The KMT regime on Taiwan regime was established in 1949 through
> the mass murder of tens of thousands of leftists and the indigenous
> Taiwanese.That regime has played the role of rogue-for-hire in world
> affairs, doing dirty work for the US from Central America to South Africa
> (before Mandela).The new government is the same horse, different cart.

The new government is arguably deeper in the pockets of the US.

There are some good articles about this on www.chinabulletin.com, but they're
all in Chinese. Henry, do you know anyone who would be willing to translate
some of the stuff into English? It would be great if we could get one or two
pieces translated a month.

Jonathan Lassen

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