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Abu Nasr wrote:
> It follows from your post that there are no leftists at all in the Arab world

Doesn't follow at all. There are leftists in the Arab world but their
numbers are dwindling in
large part because of the Islamic movement. Leftists-Marxist-Leninist or
of whatever tendency-- are enemy numero uno in the Islamic book. The
Fundamentalists are even willing to colloborate with their other enemy
,the USA, to eradicate the left. And I do mean eradicate.

> -- since you condemn everyone from the PFLP to Yasir Arafat as "Nazis,"
> calling the PFLP-GC "terrorists" to boot.

I said the PFLP and Arafat have _colloborated_ with Nazis not that they
are Nazis. Anti-imperialist, pan-Arabist Nasser was up to his eyeballs
in Nazis but that did not make him one. As a matter of principle, the
Left should not colloborate
with Nazis. I know Arab resistance forces were and are approached almost
daily by Nazis offering loads of money. It might be tempting but...
Many Zionists
including Begin and Shamir also colloborated with Nazis. I would say
that this wing including Sharon _are_ Nazis. The evidence in PanAm-103
points to the PFLP-GC. The PFLP-GC calls itself socialist. What should
I do? Ignore it?

  You make it clear that in your book
> fighting imperialism is a matter of indifference -- ("Khumayni did it but who
> cares?").

A choice between the Shah Pahlavi and Khomeini is a Hobson's choice. If
you can, speak with some exiled Iranians who worked in the revolution.
They will tell you what kind of anti-imperialist Khomeini was. Khomeini
killed far more workers,socialists and Marxists than the Shah ever did.

  Thus in your view, the most progressive thing that can happen to
> the region is for it to remain under Zionist domination since this is the
> inevitable result of an orientation such as yours that opposes the entire
> gamut of genuine anti-imperialist forces in the region.

I am opposed to imperialism but the left should harbor no illusions
about islamic resistance movements. These movements are so awful that
they almost negate the benefits of being anti-imperialist. Victory for
islamic resistance is a pyrric one.

> Since Lenin effectively exposed and denounced Eduard Bernstein about a century
> ago, there is no need for me to waste any time duplicating his efforts.

Quoting Lenin like scripture and denouncing people isn't going to
convince anyone and will not move the anti-imperialist movement forward.

red-rebel wrote:
> I would like to see some evidence to back up this statement.
> Certainly, various "Third-Positionist" groups have tried cuddling up to
> Palestinian revolutionaries in order to further their own anti-semitic
> agenda. But I have seen no evidence to suggest such approaches were ever
> reciprocated. I am not saying they never were, but I would like to see proof
> rather than just heresay.
> (And if they ever were it must have been on the basis of causing trouble for
> the US and European imperialist backers of Isreal rather than ideological
> affinity with fascism (which is what they were/are fighting))

You're right on. Try  *The Beast Rewakens* by Martin Lee.Routledge
1999.p130-2,180-2. Lee is no right winger and Routledge is reputable. I
would also note that Zionist colloboration with Nazis [including during
WWII] has been extensive and has included Shamir and Begin amongst
others. I can't remember which, but it was Shamir's group the Stern Gang
or Haganah that actually wore brown shirts and paraded around with stiff

Here is a few bits from Lee,

"Several young Palestinian refugees, including Yasser Arafat, joined the
Egyptian soldiers who were learning the ways and means of unconventional
warfare. Although initially the target was the British, the future PLO
chief realized that rigorous commando exercises would help prepare the
Palestinian militants who were eager to renew the battle for their lost
homeland. A grateful Arafat recognized [Otto] Skorzeny's abundant skills
in this area and the two men struck up a relationship that lasted for
many years. Apparently the Palestinian leader was quite fond of the
scarfaced paladin. "Arafat would have done anything for Otto!" remraked
Ilse Skorzeny.p130"

Otto Skorzeny was Hitler's favorite commando and helped ferret many
Nazi's out after the war through the Vatican "ratlines". He was also
hired by the CIA for espionage and guerilla work against the USSR.

" While based in Damascus, Otto Ernst Remer was in contact with Yasser
Arafat chief of the PLO. "I know Mr. Arafat quite well, naturlich," he
asserted, "I saw him many times. He invited me to eat at his
headquarters. I knew all of his people. They wanted many things from
us." For Remer, anyone who was an enemy of Israel was his friend,
partivularly when a profit could be turned..."Arafat gets all he wants
from Russia. A German arms dealer can't get into business there."

Remer was a Nazi general indicted in the 1944 plot to kill Hitler.

"After Israel's victory in the 1967 Six-Day War, a mood of desperate
militancy engulfed the miserable Palestinian refugee camps. Deproved of
a homeland and faced with an implacable enemy, Palestinian leaders
apparently felt they couldn't afford to turn down offers of help, no
matter how unsavory the donors. Arab revolutianries were continually
approaced by Neo-Nazi suitors. Dismissing the distinction between Jews
and Zionists as a "sublety for intellectuals", [Jean] Thiriart
[prominent 3rd position fascist] forged a close relationship with George
Habash of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. According
to Luc Michel, Thiriart's secretary, "Habash gave money to La Nation
Europeene, and Thiriart supported Habash in this magazine."p181

Footnote: "Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish themes were explicit in Thiriart's
publication, La Nacion Europeene, which included ads for The
International Jew, the infamous anti-semitic screed by Henry Ford. La
Nacion Europeene also eulogized Roger Courdroy a Belgian Waffen SS
veteran who was killed fighting for the Palestinians in June 1968.
Courdroy, a close colloborator of Thiriart, was not the first European
volunteer to die during a guerilla attack against Israel. West German
neo-Nazi Karl von Kyna fell in a commando raid on the Suez front in
September 1967... Two years later, West German police arresed Udo
Albrecht, founder and leader of the Freikorps Adolf Hitler, who was
found carrying an identification card linkin him to El Fatah, the
largest PLO faction led by Yasser Arafat. Albrecht and 12 other German
neo-Nazi militants had recently fought alongside the Palestinians agaist
Jordan's King Hussein in the Battle of Black September"p182.

Sam Pawlett

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