Zedillo and Clinton- Heroes, Or Partners in Crime?

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Tue Jun 6 23:24:53 MDT 2000

Let's examine for a moment, the implications of Zedillo (and Clinton)
declaring that the PRI candidate, Labastida, has lost the July 2
presidential elections in Mexico.

Immediately, internationally, the world press will announce that there
has been a surprise upset victory of the opposition candidate, Fox, in
Mexico.       Within Mexico, the population will be stunned.     This is
something that their granddads in their 80s thought they would never
see.     A euphoria will break out, equal to the euphoria of Stalinism
being overthrown in the counties of Eastern Europe.

Ding-dong, the wicked witch; ding-dong the wicked witch is dead!
This celebration is about to occur.      Who is about to ask about the
role of imperialism in bringing about this change?       The
overwhelming majority of Mexicans will not care.

In fact, the common people will bless the US for its role in destroying
the PRI dictatorship.     These are the people, the PRI, that their
granddads, fathers, mothers, and even kid sisters have told them that
have been responsble for the misery, that is Mexico's.

Who will want to listen to more complicated explicatons by Comandante
So-and-So?      It will be hysterical euphoria time.

Even the PRI hardcore will join somewhat dazed into the generalized
euphoria, as Labastida, Zedillo's hand-picked Fall Guy, concedes.
Nobody will be asking if it was a "fair" election.      "Unfair" by
definition is when the PRI wins again by fraud.      Those few
unthoughtful hacks that do protest initially, will be quickly silenced
by US and World authentification of the results.

A "democracy" has arrived!       Who can question that?

Now, let us imagine the results if Zedillo would renege on "moving
Mexico forward into the 21st century".     This is hard to imagine,
since Zedillo has promised the US (and the Mexican population) "honest"
elections.       Remember, dishonest means to ALL, another PRI win.
"Honest" means that an "opposition" candidate acceptable to the US wins.
That is not going to be Cardenas.

Too, too many hopes for change have been pumped up this year, for
Zedillo, The Puppet to not play his role.      Hopes not of the ordinary
Mexican citizenry (they don't count, just like in the US), but rather
hopes of some very important Mexican and US patrones.

It's just like in the old days, if Master had a particularly nasty
overseer, even he might grow to tire of the overt display of constant
brutality.      The Czars like to be known (to know themselves) as
saintly and kind, quite unlike the men they surround themselves with.

What is to be gained for Zedillo and Labastida to break from their ally,
Bipartisan US, on this?      It will not be a pretty sight if they try
to do so.      The fraud must go to the opposition this time.    This
time, the Clinton group has decided to support not a PRI victory, but a
PRI loss.

Just like with Shevardnadze and Gorbachov, Labastida and Zedillo have
decided that their bureaucracy must seek accomodation with a foreign
power, rather than remain in supposed opposition to it.     Now it's
time to announce their surrender........ of Mexican independence.

But who will see it that way at first?      There will be a celebration

Tony Abdo

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